How to Floss Properly: A GumChuck’s Complete Guide

Nov 7, 2023

Dental professionals recommend that you floss daily, meaning once or twice a day. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that the best time to floss is when it comfortably fits into your schedule. To practice healthy oral hygiene, you have the freedom to choose when you want to floss as long as you’re flossing with the effective C-Shape at least once-a-day.

In the absence of flossing, oral health issues such as gum disease, bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities, and many more painful problems occur. However, the Center of Disease Control (CDC) have unfortunately observed that 37% of the American population neglects to floss once-a-day, which is why we’re going back to the drawing board. Below is GumChuck’s complete guide on how to floss properly, why it’s important, and what oral health issues you can avoid by flossing each day.

How to Floss Properly

It’s important to note that flossing is only effective if done correctly. Many people just slide the floss in-between their teeth, move it up and down a bit, and proceed to the next space. No matter how often you floss, this won’t provide the deep clean necessary to effectively remove tarter and plaque. Which is why we recommend our simple 3-step guide to flossing:

  1. The C-Shape: An effective method among dental professionals is referred to as the C-Shape, which helps clean both your teeth and below your gum line while flossing. To achieve this optimal flossing technique, gently insert the floss between your teeth and curve it around your tooth so that it wraps from front to back.
  2. Flossing Technique: The C-Shape allows you to safely slide the floss down the sides of the tooth, cleaning the inside and corner edges, without causing trauma to gum tissue. 
  3. Clean Between Each Tooth: Repeating this motion will ensure a deep clean that removes the tarter between your teeth.

Some modern flossing accessories, GumChucks being the prime example, are specifically designed to accomplish C-Shape flossing. Unlike one-piece flossers that hold the floss in a rigid position, GumChucks’ two-handle device gives you better leverage, letting you control the tension of the floss and allowing you to effectively clean the sides of each tooth. The handles make it easier for everyone to floss, especially those with limited dexterity, with the added bonus of never having to stick your fingers in your mouth!

The Importance of Daily Flossing

When you eat, drink, or breathe, bacteria and other microorganisms enter your mouth. When these bacteria combine with your saliva, tartar begins to form between your teeth and along the gum line. When tartar isn’t regularly removed, it hardens into a yellow substance called plaque which can build up along your gum line.

Poor oral hygiene habits allow the acids produced by dental plaque to eat away at tooth enamel over time, which causes cavities. This slow buildup of sticky tartar eventually leads to gingivitis, resulting in red, swollen, and often bleeding gum tissue. If gingivitis is left untreated, the next step in this bacteria buildup is gum disease. Gum disease causes numerous serious health concerns like a receding gum line, bleeding gums, and even tooth loss. 

It’s been said that the mouth is a mirror of health and disease throughout the body, which means that poor oral health can negatively affect overall health. When your teeth reach a stage of intensive plaque build-up, they began to rot which results in bacteria entering into your bloodstream and traveling throughout the rest of your body, which can lead to serious health conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Pneumonia

To prevent these numerous painful health complications, it’s important to practice affective oral health habits beforehand. Flossing is the only way to remove this tartar from between your teeth and keep plaque out of hard-to-reach places. Fortunately, GumChuck’s unique design does this better than any other flosser on the market. GumChucks’ design ensures a flossing experience that’s faster, easier, and more effective than competing flossers or traditional floss. Our two handles with disposable floss allow you to comfortably reach all your teeth, even those in the back, while wrapping the floss around each tooth. This creates the vital “C-Shape” necessary to get below the gum line and effectively clean each tooth.



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