What is C Shape Flossing?

Jul 18, 2019

Flossing is so much more than popping a piece of string between your teeth!

Here at GumChucks, we talk a lot about how our products help you floss faster, better, and easier. Today, we’re going to elaborate on the “better” part of that trifecta.

What is C SHape Flossing?

Did you know that flossing can actually damage your gums? THIS IS NOT PERMISSION TO NOT FLOSS YOUR TEETH. Flossing is important, and you should definitely do it. But to ensure that you’re doing it properly and not causing trauma to the gum tissue, dental professionals have encouraged using the “C-Shape” technique.

Why is C Shape Flossing important?

We all know the toothbrush does not reach every part of your tooth, BUT there is another part that tends to be entirely missed even by floss. This is called the “corner” of the tooth – the transitional space from the interproximal surface (between teeth) and the brushing surface. By wrapping the floss in a “C-Shape” around the tooth, you are able to clean this hard-to-reach corner.

Now you try!

To achieve this optimal flossing technique, gently insert the floss between your teeth and curve it around your tooth so that it wraps from front to back. This allows you to safely slide the floss down the sides of the tooth, cleaning the inside and corner edges, without causing trauma to gum tissue.

GumChucks two-handle system allows you to gently glide the floss in between your teeth to reach the “corners” of all your teeth – giving you a clean and healthy smile.


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