Faster & Easier Flossing

GumChucks makes flossing so easy and fast, that 73.7% of people who tried GumChucks became regular daily flossers!

A Revolutionary New Way to Floss

GumChucks makes flossing faster and easier* because the two independent handles give you more control. With GumChucks it’s easy to put the floss right where you want it, no fingers in the mouth, and unlike floss picks users automatically make the “C-Shape” dentists recommend so that the floss wraps properly around the tooth and slides easily below the gumline without bruising the gums like the tight floss on floss picks can.

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Key Features

Makes Flossing Easy

No more fingers in your mouth.
No more wrapping floss around your fingers.
GumChucks makes it easy to effectively clean all of your teeth, even the ones in the back.

GumChucks vs Floss Picks

To effectively clean and remove plaque, floss must wrap around each tooth as well as clean below the gum line. The floss is too tight on floss picks to wrap all the way around each tooth, and if the floss doesn’t wrap the tooth tightly it can bruise the gums if you try to slide a floss pick below the gum line.

GumChucks help clean the 40% of each tooth you can’t reach by brushing, and below the gum line where floss picks can’t go.

Got Braces?

GumChucks are designed to make flossing with braces easy too. The thin arm on each end fits behind the arch wire, so people with braces can floss in less than two minutes too! No more individually threading between each tooth! (Dental Hygienists love this!)

Faster, Easier Flossing!

Faster Flossing
Study performed by UCLA

Flossing Efficacy

A study conducted at UCLA showed that when using GumChucks, children ages 4-9 flossed more quickly and effectively than children ages 10-15 did with traditional string floss. The research proved that GumChucks is efficient, effective, and allows for faster flossing and greater improvements in gingival health.

Easier Flossing
Study performed by University of Portugal

Floss Frequency 4 Months After Using GumChucks

An independent study conducted by the University of Portugal showed that 73.8% of people who tried GumChucks became regular daily flossers. The study measured flossing efficacy as well as efficiency. Through increased compliance, GumChucks helped patients improve their oral health.

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