Faster, Easier Flossing!

A study conducted at UCLA showed that children ages 4-9 flossed more quickly and effectively with GumChucks than children ages 10-15 did with string floss.

Brace Yourself!

Floss with braces in under 2 minutes!
No more threading!

GumChucks is the only flossing system of its kind!

The unique GumChucks flossing system allows you and your family to floss your teeth faster and easier. GumChucks features two handles with disposable flossing tips, increasing dexterity and control and allowing you to easily make the dentist-recommended “C-Shape” while flossing.

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For Adults

Floss your teeth better with GumChucks. In a 4-month study*, the percentage of people who flossed daily increased from 17% to 66% using GumChucks.

For Kids

Help your kids build a lifelong healthy habit. Studies** have shown that using GumChucks increases flossing effectiveness in kids by 68% and reduced time spent flossing by 29%.

For Braces

Floss your braces in under 2 minutes! The thin hook on one end allows you to quickly position the floss under the arch wire and between brackets.

*University of Portugal Research Study **UCLA Clinical Research Study

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying