Why are GumChucks better than flossing picks or flossers?

Proper flossing requires making a “C-Shape”, wrapping the floss around the tooth to get beneath the gum line to disrupt bacteria and plaque. Flossers and picks hold the floss in a tight straight position, so you simply can’t wrap the floss around the tooth like you can with GumChucks.

The two handles provide better leverage, allow you to control the tension of the floss (which reduces the incidence of gum cutting), and helps avoid cutting off blood circulation and pain from floss-wrapped fingertips. These handles make it easier for everyone to floss, especially those with limited dexterity such as seniors and children. A major plus is that the user’s fingers never enter the mouth, so GumChucks are much more sanitary than other options.

How do you know it is faster?

UCLA Dentistry performed a comparison study of GumChucks vs traditional string floss. This test proved that flossing speed was significantly faster, flossing efficacy was improved overall, and demonstrated greater improvements in gingival health over a 4-week recall period.  See the study here.

Are GumChucks just for kids?

No – they are perfect for everyone! GumChucks are designed for all mouths, and we have a version to use with braces called ORTHOgami.

Can I use GumChucks with braces?
ORTHOgami is the GumChucks version specifically designed for use with braces. The revolutionary patented flossing tips allow the user to safely and quickly floss the entire set of brackets in under two minutes!
How do the ORTHOgami tips work?
One tip has a thin hook. Simply reach behind the arch wire with the arm, place the other tip on the other side of the tooth, and floss!
How does ORTHOgami compare to threaders?
Threaders are time-consuming and difficult to use – ORTHOgami is incredibly easy to use and FAST! One of the biggest challenges is to get Ortho patients to floss – this two-handled system with patented flossing tips makes it easy to floss your whole mouth in under two minutes.
I just got braces – do I need to buy new handles in order to use the ORTHOgami tips if I already have GumChucks handles?
Our tips will fit into any of our handles – everything is interchangeable!
I have a set of braces only on my top teeth. Do I need to use both ORTHOgami and the Universal floss tips?
Not at all – you can use the ORTHOgami tips to floss both your upper and lower teeth! The little hook on the ORTHOgami tips works on teeth without braces too. No need to use a second set of tips.
Can the flossing tips be re-used?
The tips are designed for one-time use. However, in a pinch they can be used twice (and we recommend rinsing them).
How do I remove the tips?
At the end of each handle is a push button. When you have finished flossing in record time, aim the tips at a garbage can and press these buttons at the same time to eject the tips!
Is the plastic used in GumChucks products recycled or recyclable?
Yes, all GumChucks products are made from recycled plastic and are BPA Free. The plastic bags, tips, and plastic handles are all recyclable.
I am recovering from the flu, do I need to throw out my GumChucks handles like I would a toothbrush?
No you don’t! GumChucks can be cleaned and sterilized in your dishwasher! We recommend placing them in a small utensil basket so they do not fall to the bottom of your dishwasher.
What is ProTech?
ProTech is a line of GumChucks products for professional use in dental offices. The ProTech medical-grade aluminum handles are autoclavable. They significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of flossing for patients, making it easy to recommend as a way to help them cultivate healthy flossing habits.
Where can I buy GumChucks?

GumChucks are available to purchase both on Amazon.com and here on our website.