Kids Floss

At GumChucks, we believe that fun is the most effective way to get kids flossing. That’s why kids of all ages will enjoy using GumChucks. The nunchucks inspired design is both fun and easy to use – even for pre-school kids!

Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases effecting our youth. The American Dental Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends that kids include flossing as a part of their daily oral health routine as early as possible. GumChucks gives kids a head start on good dental hygiene, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will adopt a lifelong healthy habit of flossing.

If you want your kids to floss – make it fun! We perceived GumChucks as one part tool and two parts toy, as a way to engage kids and make them want to use the product. Kids love the characters, cool designs, and shooting the tips. Parents love the ease of use and effectiveness of the product. GumChucks makes flossing fun, fast, and easy.

As a brand, we realize we need to speak to both our clients – adults and children. Since most kids’ dental products are simply repackaged adult products, we wanted to take it one step further and create a way to engage kids and make them want to use the product. Not only did we make our product fun and easy to use, but also we created characters such as Plaque Man, The Flossopher, and Count Plaqula to help encourage kids to use the product. We have also created coloring pages as well as flossing charts and certificates that are available for you to download and print off for your children (see below).


Coloring Pages


Flossing Chart


Flossing Certificate


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