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Resembling miniature nunchucks, our two thin handles make it easy and comfortable to floss even those hard-to-reach molars while making the dentist recommended “C-Shape” when flossing!

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GumChucks empowers you to control the tension and position of your floss. Floss picks are a tight, straight piece of floss. While they can remove food from between your teeth, they cannot create the “C-Shape” to effectively clean below the gum line.

To effectively clean and remove plaque, floss must wrap around each tooth. GumChucks helps you reach the areas of the tooth missed by brushing and cleans the sides of your teeth, not just the spaces! GumChucks is proven to improve oral health because it can break up bacteria and remove plaque below the gum line.

GumChucks Takes the Hassle Out of Flossing!

No more floss-wrapped fingers in your mouth.

*An independent study conducted by the University of Portugal showed that 66% of people who tried GumChucks became regular daily flossers. The study measured flossing efficacy as well as efficiency, and through increased compliance, GumChucks helped patients improve their oral health.

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