Adult ProFloss Starter Pack

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Everything you need to get started on your way to Faster Better Easier Flossing!

  • 1 set of GumChucks handles
  • 12 disposable flossing tips

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Resembling miniature nunchucks, the unique two-handle system increases dexterity and control, allowing you to easily make the dentist-recommended “C-Shape” while flossing, without putting fingers in your mouth.

Competing flossers feature a straight piece of floss on a little pick handle – these can remove food that is stuck between your teeth, but they are less effective than GumChucks at cleaning your teeth because they cannot make a “C-Shape” to wrap around each tooth. The “C-Shape” is essential for effective flossing – as it allows the floss to get beneath the gum line where it can break up the bacteria and remove plaque.

  • Handles let you easily reach back teeth.
  • No more cut-off circulation from floss wrapped fingers.
  • Hygenic – no fingers in your mouth.
  • Easy to wrap the floss around the tooth, removing more plaque and bacteria.

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8 reviews for Adult ProFloss Starter Pack

  1. MJ

    I have NEVER been able to successfully floss my teeth until discovering these through a friend at around age 47. My hands and dexterity made it quite literally impossible with plain floss of any type or with any flossing tools I could find. I tried using Water Picks and Hydro Flosses and things Ike that, but they were simply not enough. I have had numerous deep cleanings and my dentist was starting to talk about referring me to a periodontist. After 6 months with this and another deep cleaning, my dentist was astounded at the progress.

    Keep in mind that I’m using them every day without fail and working to get multiple angles on and around each tooth. A year of cleanings every three months, and continued flossing with floss chucks and brushing, and there’s significant reduction in all pockets, and only minimal bleeding in a couple of spots. These things are the only way I can floss, and for the first time in years, I’m not afraid of going to the dentist and I’m not afraid of losing my teeth any longer. Huzzah!

  2. Davi

    The lady that does my dental cleanings recommended I try GumChucks and I received them today and just tried them for my first time. Wow…amazing, and this makes flossing not only easier especially reaching the back teeth but it’s fun. You get a deeper feeling of clean after using the GumChucks. i highly recommend this product especially if your mouth is small and you have trouble flossing with regular dental floss.

  3. Cary

    These really helped me to understand the concept of flossing and it’s the first time I have done a good job flossing.

    I’m an adult and got these because they seemed to be a better value, and they worked fine. They are a lot easier to use than regular floss and solve the aversive problem of having to touch slimy floss that is covered in saliva and having it hurt your fingers when it’s wrapped tightly around them.

    They worked a lot better than I expected and helped me floss a lot more than I ever have before trying them.

  4. Marilia

    My dentist recommended these during my last visit since I have trouble reaching at the very back to floss (terrible gag reflex). I also have a crown back there and regular floss would just cut whenever I tried to floss. I have a waterpik but my hygienist said it doesn’t do much for my gums.

    The string, while small, is very strong and doesn’t fray or cut when I floss by my crown. The extra length from the handles reach all the way back and no issues with gagging! They’re slim enough that your vision doesn’t get blocked so you can make sure every tooth is flossed.

  5. Arika

    These were recommended to my husband by our dentist, because my husband wasn’t flossing effectively. My husband loves them! I am going to order some for myself, because I have rheumatoid and the gumchucks are much easier to use, and less painful than wrapping floss around my fingers.

  6. James

    I work as a dental assistant and love them! They have special ones for braces that work perfectly as well as kids and adult floss.

    We love to use them at home! The fact you don’t have to get your fingers wrapped in floss and saliva is wonderful!

  7. Vanessa

    Absolutely loved it, I bought 2 of them, one for myself and one for my husband. We both liked the idea, both of us are in the dental field and we both agree that with these gumchucks you definitely will be flossing the correct way even if you don’t realize it.

    I will definitely be purchasing the flossers that go to these gumchucks, as I did feel a better clean with the gumchuck floss compared to my regular string floss I was using.

  8. Lauren

    I got the GumChucks flosser for ease In flossing. I’m disabled and regular floss is too difficult to use. I used the toothpick flossers but they often tore or got stuck.

    With the GumChucks flosser, I can maneuver it in my mouth easily and reach each tooth. Adding a new flosser tip is easy and removal is just pushing the buttons. I’d recommend it to everyone with disabilities and hand coordination issues. It’s small and portable, too, and fits in a small zipper cosmetic bag. I can bring it along when going to restaurants and can dispose of the flosser tips into my napkin. It fits in pockets of your shirt as well. Able-bodied people will appreciate this, too! When I was healthy I wish I’d known about this!

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