How to Brush Your Teeth: A GumChuck’s Complete Guide

Mar 7, 2024

At GumChucks, we specialize in flossing and promote the practice of healthy oral habits, which is why we wrote a complete guide on how to floss properly. Although, floss by itself is nothing without it’s cleaning counterpart, the toothbrush. To continue our pursuit of educating the public on their oral health, continue below to read our complete guide on how to properly brush your teeth.

Set Yourself Up for Brushing Success

Brushing your teeth is something you can get so used to doing that, after a while, you may not really be cognizant about what you’re exactly doing. When brushing your teeth, it’s important to be aware of the condition and quality of your toothbrush, how frequently you brush, and your specific brushing technique. Before starting to brush, there are several tips to keep in mind so that you’re set up for success, such as:

  • Be sure you’re developing healthy habits by brushing your teeth for about 2 minutes at a frequency of twice per day. As for flossing, continuing a twice-a-day consistency is also recommended (Click here to read our article on Flossing Frequency).
  • Make sure you’re using the appropriate toothbrush to accurately clean your mouth. For most people, a soft-bristled toothbrush should be the right choice as hard-bristled brush heads can actually damage your teeth and gums. Ensure that the toothbrush handle fits in your hand comfortably and that the brush head is compact enough to fit within the nooks of your mouth.
  • Ensure that your toothpaste contains at least 1,350 parts per million (PPM) fluoride. Fluoride removes plaque while simultaneously strengthening tooth enamel, which makes this one of the most important choices you can make before brushing.
  • While not mandatory, we recommend you brush with an electric toothbrush as most users claim to receive a deeper oral clean when compared to standard toothbrushes.

How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly

Now that you have the appropriate toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, next comes the fun part. We always recommend to floss before you brush as it’s the best way to rid your mouth of unwanted plaque, so grab your GumChucks and thoroughly floss your teeth beforehand. We also recommend you floss and brush in the bathroom in front of a mirror so that you can watch over your technique. Additionally, practice timing yourself while brushing to ensure that you’re meeting your two-minute goal. Below, read our step-by-step approach to brushing your teeth:

  1. Wet your brush under the sink for a moment and dab a small amount of toothpaste on the head of your toothbrush.
  2. Insert the brush head into your mouth at a 45-degree angle and utilize gentle circular strokes to brush your front teeth.
  3. Don’t brush your teeth too aggressively as that can damage your gums and enamel.
  4. Brush the outside surfaces of your teeth around your back molars.
  5. Flip your toothbrush upside down to get the inside surfaces of your teeth.
  6. Brush your tongue to rid it of bacteria buildup.
  7. Spit out the toothpaste and complete the process by rinsing your mouth with cold water.

The Importance of Flossing

As mentioned previously, flossing is nothing without it’s cleaning counterpart, however, the opposite is also true as brushing without flossing can lead to significant harmful oral health issues. Flossing and brushing are the cornerstones of healthy oral hygiene and excluding one of these from your everyday habits may result in cavities, gum disease, plaque, and bad breath.

To prevent these numerous painful health complications, flossing is the only way to remove this tartar from between your teeth and keep plaque out of hard-to-reach places. Fortunately, GumChuck’s unique design does this better than any other flosser on the market. GumChucks’ design ensures a flossing experience that’s faster, easier, and more effective than competing flossers or traditional floss. Our two handles with disposable floss allows you to comfortably reach all your teeth, even those in the back, while wrapping the floss around each tooth. This creates the vital “C-Shape” necessary to get below the gum line and effectively clean each tooth.


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