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May 1, 2014

Parent Tested, Parent Approved – May 2014

Helping my little one floss was a chore! A two-parent ordeal until we were so lucky to be given the chance to test the GumChucks. Now, my little one is just loving the little GumChucks and of course, ninja. I love that they are so easy to use, precut, and ready to floss. Other similar products had to be cut, wrapped around fingers, and most of the time fingers into her mouth. Or the dental sticks that weren’t long enough to reach the back teeth.

The GumChucks are great, the chucks are long enough that you can reach the back teeth without inserting your fingers. So much more hygienic. Press end of GumChucks and floss ejects. Easy and clean. Wrapping the floss around the tooth to get the best possible clean is simple with the GumChucks, again, no inserting your fingers into the mouth. The GumChucks are a great product that makes building healthy habits easy with my little one.


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