Teeth Falling Out In Your Dreams? Here’s What This Could Mean

Sep 7, 2022

Humans have been debating about the true meaning of their dreams since the beginning of time. While there have been explanations proven through scientific studies that dreams reflect the brains ability to organize subconscious thoughts during sleep, it’s difficult to decipher what the content of your dreams are truly signifying.

Among all the reoccurring dreams that an individual may have, teeth falling out is among the most common. In fact, according to a 2018 study, 39% of the population have reported to have experienced dreams of their teeth falling out. Whether someone dreams of their teeth falling out one at a time, or all at once, we’ll explore some wildly held interpretations of what such a dream could mean to an individual’s waking life.

Interpretation 1: Stress & Anxiety

Stress commonly leads to a variety of complicated negative mental health issues and physical reactions. Long term anxiety can also lead to individuals having reoccurring dreams of their teeth falling out, which is reported by 8.2% of participants in the aforementioned 2018 study. Additionally, stress and anxiety usually lead to feelings of insecurity in an individual. Since dreams are seen are representations of feelings, this reoccurring dream could be interpreted as someone detaching from their own sense of self-esteem. Working on identifying the root of your anxiety is seen as the first step to ending this reoccurring dream.

Interpretation 2: Major Life Changes or Growth

Whether you’re starting a new job, moving, planning to get married, having kids, or a plethora of other life changes, all these scenarios will undoubtedly have an effect on your subconscious. Having dreams of your teeth falling out is a common way to symbolize change, renewal, or rebirth. As renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung theorizes, “What happens when your teeth fall out as a child? Your adult teeth come in afterwards. Losing your teeth in a dream may not be a bad omen, but rather a sign of growth or positive change.”

Interpretation 3: Lack of Control

Experiencing life events that render events out of an individual’s hands can often lead to reoccurring dreams of teeth falling out. It’s difficult to stop your teeth from falling out while in the middle of a dream, which is why it can signify a loss of control. Situations such as a recent breakup, or losing a job, can cause someone to have feelings of uncertainty or failure, which can manifest itself into dreams of teeth falling out. In cases such as these, following such a dream, you might want to consider anything going on in your life that may be making you feel powerless. Similar to feelings of stress or anxiety, this can also lead to the destructive habit of bruxism, which is when one grinds their teeth while sleeping.

Interpretation 4: Grief

Following the loss of a loved one, your subconscious is working hard to comprehend the reality of this loss, which could also reflect this feeling in your dreams as losing teeth. Being one of the most common interpretations of these dreams, losses could also be in the form of losing your home, as it doesn’t always have to be related to a lost loved one through grief. Feelings of depression, such as envisioning things being wrong with your physical well-being, can also result in reoccurring dreams of losing teeth.

Interpretation 5: Dental Issues

Many believe that dreams of teeth falling out are more closely linked to poor dental hygiene than any psychological distress, both of which result in poor sleep quality. Following one of these specific dreams, researchers have found that dreamers were faced with physical dental irritations upon waking up. Having such a dream could be the subconscious brains method to alerting an individual to practice proper oral hygiene. While many interpretations on this list involve individuals assess their mental health to cease this reoccurring dream, practicing proper oral health is a much simpler method that results in countless additional health benefits.

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