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Feb 4, 2014

Raincity Parent – February 4, 2014


As soon as our daughter’s teeth began popping up in her mouth, we were vigilant with her oral care. We brushed and flossed her teeth twice a day and when she reached 3 years old, we introduced mouth wash. She is now old enough to brush her own teeth, and insists on flossing as well as mouth wash.

At Christmas, Santa brought her an electric toothbrush, so brushing is now more fun for her. But she still needs help with the flossing…until now! We’ve recently been introduced to GumChucks.


These little oral plaque fighters are AWESOME!
Check out this video to see what GumChucks are and how they work.

Flossing just got a whole lot funner in our home!
Click here to get your little ninja a set of their very own GumChucks!



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