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Jul 11, 2013

RDH Magazine – July 11, 2013

This unique flossing concept was born in May 2010 when Keith Allen and Jeromi Stewart met during a business convention. After a lunch meeting, Jeromi had something caught between his teeth and reached into his bag to pull out a homemade flossing device — two plastic handles connected by a single piece of dental floss.


Jeromi’s flosser was a stripped down version of what GumChucks are today; they looked like miniature nun chucks. He wanted to avoid putting his hands in his mouth, maintain leverage, tension, and make flossing easy. His nun chuck-like tool, which he had been using for 15 years, accomplished this.

A couple of weeks later as a fluke, Keith told his father about Jeromi’s flossing device. Keith’s father, who was not a regular flosser, thought he might actually floss if he had a device like this. This was the “ah ha” moment, and in short order Keith and Jeromi formed OralWise Inc., the manufacturers of GumChucks.

Fast forward to late 2012 when the GumChucks concept was realized and made available to dental professionals. Thank you, Marge Foran, RDH, from Helena, Mont., for contacting me and letting me know about GumChucks!

Bottom line, GumChucks are fun! They put a smile on my face, and I’m pretty sure they will put a smile on your face too. According to the manufacturer, the stated benefits include:

  • Two handles give users the ability to easily and naturally create the “C” shape
  • Two handles gives users the ability to keep constant tension on the floss by simply holding the handles in their intended position
  • The “fun” factor establishes an emotional connection with users
  • You can shoot the used tips across the room into the trashcan without ever touching the floss
  • The handles are BPA-free and come in a variety of designs

OralWise has built an entire would-be entertainment brand behind GumChucks, which features a series of cartoon characters ranging from Count Plaqula to Ninja Vitis and The Flosopher, which happens to have his own Twitter account with updated Flossophies. Even though GumChucks are fun, they are not just for kids. I love them and so do my family members.

There is also a video game app in the iTunes Store titled, “Weapons of Plaque Destruction.” There are plans for an adult line, and an orthodontic line affectionately named GumChucks. The tip extension will enable users to effectively floss with a full set of brackets in less than two minutes while using the “C” shape technique.

Be sure to visit their website and please note that new customers will receive 10% off their initial GumChucks order. Enter or mention code: RDH10 when ordering online at, or by phone at [email protected].

Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH


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