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Mar 8, 2015

Chairside Dental Magazine – Vol 9. March 2015

With a clever bit of wordplay on the word “nunchucks”, GumChucks are basically two long sticks connected with removable floss tips. I have played with all kinds of flossing devices over the years looking for one that might actually simplify the process enough that patients would embrace it. My assistant found GumChucks and was very enthusiastic about them, and after the eighth time she asked me if I had used them yet, I finally took them home for a test drive.

Say goodbye to floss-strangled purple fingertips and cramming your fingers in your mouth trying to floss your molars. Because of the simplicity of moving the chucks around, you’re actually able to create a nice “C” shape on all of your teeth. Frankly, I don’t really care whether patients like these or not; I personally won’t be going back to traditional floss again.

An older relative of mine with limited dexterity is thrilled that he can floss again after he lost out to arthritis over a decade ago. At the other end of the age spectrum, kids are willing to floss with these when there would be no chance of it being done with traditional floss. There’s even a “Weapons of Plaque Destruction” game for the iPad, just in case your kids need come extra incentive.

Dr. Ditolla


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