ORTHOgami Sampling Program

for Orthodontic and Pediatric practices

Discover how GumChucks can improve patient care in your practice and at home.

“I always used to groan when I saw that my schedule had patients with orthodontic appliances. I just didn’t know how to tackle braces efficiently and effectively without getting frustrated. But then GumChucks came along.”
-Katie Melko, MSDH, RDH, DentistryIQ

When your practice enrolls in our ORTHOgami Sampling Program, we’ll provide you the tools necessary to use GumChucks successfully in your practice AND encourage your patients to improve their in-home care.

ORTHOgami’s innovative design allows patients to floss safely and effectively. The thin hook on one end allows the floss to be quickly and safely positioned under the arch wire and between the brackets. And GumChucks’ unique two-handled system allows the patient to create the recommended “C-Shape” while flossing.

Why ORTHOgami Works!


Floss Braces in Under 2 Minutes!

ORTHOgami offers a faster, more pleasant flossing experience for the patient.

Built for the Dental Practice.

Autoclavable ProTech Handles allow you to use GumChucks safely and effectively in your practice.

No More Threading!

Flossing with threaders can be very time consuming which reduces the likelihood that patients will floss properly. With GumChucks ORTHOgami, patients can floss in less than 2 minutes!

ORTHOgami Starter Kit

$249 ($400 Value)


  • 4 Pairs of Autoclavable ProTech Handles
  • 1,000 ORTHOgami Flossing Tips
  • 100 ORTHOgami Sample Bags for your patients (value $129)
    • 1 Pair of Reusable Handles
    • 3 ORTHOgami Flossing Tips
    • Coupon for 25% Off the purchase of ORTHOgami Refills on GumChucks.com
Get in on the ORTHOgami Program!
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