Make Daily Flossing Fun!

Help kids become lifetime flossers by making flossing fun, fast, and effective with GumChucks! 

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Faster, Better, Easier Flossing… and we can prove it.

A study conducted at UCLA showed that children ages 4-9 flossed more quickly and effectively with GumChucks than children ages 10-15 did with string floss.

What You’ll Need

Step 1: Give Them The Tools

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Step 2: Help Build A Habit

Step 3: Affirm Their Good Work!

Watch Michelle’s mini webinar on why kids need the proper tools to floss and how GumChucks can help them build a lifelong healthy habit. 

Why GumChucks 

Faster, Easier Flossing!

In a 4-month study, the percentage of people who flossed daily increased from 17% to 66% by using GumChucks.

Built for the Dental Practice

Autoclavable ProTech Handles allow you to use GumChucks safely and effectively in your practice.


Floss Braces in 2 Minutes

ORTHOgami offers a faster, more pleasant flossing experience for both patients and clinicians.